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Our language programs are designed to meet the needs of every student's profile. In our efforts to adapt to you we have divided our programs according to your situation, whether alone or in  groups. Courses can be customized and are held all year round.

The main emphasis of our language school is, of course, communication. Students will want to be able to employ what they have learned in practical, everyday scenarios. For this reason particular importance is placed on oral and written communication. Specific situations are re-enacted and specialized vocabulary is introduced.
We use a very progressive method. We believe that "living the language" is the key to attaining optimum proficiency in communication. We tailor each class to meet the individual's needs. Everything we do in our Spanish Courses is based on what you actually have to do in your daily life.


We guarantee that you will learn Spanish much faster than the conventional methods employed by most other language schools. In a short time, you will start understanding and speaking fluent Spanish!


It depends on the students' or companys' schedule. We adapt our classes to meet your availability.


We believe that having fun and connecting the language to real life is the best way to learn! In this respect, we use multimedia in a variety of ways (such as music, internet, transparences and others) to bring the student closer to the lived reality of the language.


We believe that small classes are preferable for the learning process. The study program provides the chance to concentrate exclusively on specific skills required for each student.

This mini group Spanish course gives you the opportunity to reach your goals through a stimulating and motivating environment.

Tips that will keep you steadily improving your Spanish

    1. Sign up now! and commit to taking at least one Spanish class a week. We understand you are super busy but, try not to miss classes as that will undoubtedly slow you down and in the end, you will end up losing time and money!

    2. Do the homework assigned! Homework is not to make your life miserable but to help you follow up and memorize important information seen in class. Every time you do homework, you will feel much better the next class. And the teacher will like you even more!

    3. Open your senses to Spanish: listen to the Spanish conversations you hear; read books, signs and headlines in Spanish; pay attention to the Spanish songs that play every day on the radio; talk to your Hispanic neighbor; and take vacations in Latin America!

    4. Be positive! You are an intelligent, capable person who is learning a new language. Sometimes students don't see the progress, but teachers always do! It doesn't happen overnight, but it happens! Especially with our method.

    5. Learning a language requires repetition, drills and going over the same topics many times. That's totally normal! You are not slower than the rest!

    6. Have fun! Don't focus too much on the mistakes - that's our job. Be brave and even if you don't speak perfect Spanish, people will love the fact that you are trying!  

"Odilia is a fantastic teacher. She is really enthusiastic and lessons were always very interesting and fun. I highly recommend her. All the best Odilia."

- Elke

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