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Large language classes may present challenges to those who prefer a one-to-one connection, while others may feel their progress is being slowed by being in a group. If you prefer a private session over a group atmosphere, we also offer private Spanish lessons for all levels and ages. This is a great way to have fun while learning the language quickly! We teach at just the right pace - yours. Just call us and we will go to your house or office and teach you exactly what you need.


If your child is having trouble keeping up with Spanish class at school, desires to reinforce his or her knowledge or needs to prepare for an upcoming Spanish test, we can help! We go to the student's home and review exactly what he or she needs in order to get an "A" in Spanish. In a couple of sessions they will be back on track and ahead of many other students in their class!


Do you want to learn Spanish in a fun and effective way but don't have the ability or the patience with L.A. traffic to make it in for a session?

No problem!

Now you can take classes with the world class teachers from Mundo en Español
from the comfort of your own home through Skype!

Signing up for Skype is simple, free and convenient. With computer learning sessions we incorporate a variety of web resources to create a fun, multimedia learning experience alongside work with the textbook and the conversational method. Your homework can be sent to you and delivered back to us via email, and we can go about the business of learning Spanish instead of adding another commute to your already busy schedule!


"Odilia has been my Spanish teacher for 5 years. She is a very nice and kind person. She encouraged me to learn Spanish by using more conversational skills on a regular basis. The lesson goes by so quickly because she gives a lot of discussion topics, which helps me concentrate on what I want to say without thinking about if I make a mistake.

My kids also started taking Spanish lessons with Odilia 3 years ago and they are very happy with her! Of course children don't always like homework, but is worth the extra effort! Since Odilia has a beautiful voice, she also uses music to reach her students. I strongly believe this makes the lesson much more fun and entertaining. My kids are not only speaking their 3rd language fluently but also singing nice songs in Spanish. It makes me feel they are in a school choir! She also believes in interactive activities such as playing games and using cards, which makes you have fun and feel more comfortable about learning the language.

Odilia is a very patient teacher and corrects any grammar mistakes very patiently and with such a positive attitude, that it lifts me up even on days I don�t feel like doing the lesson. She understands her student�s individual interests and encourages them to be excited about learning Spanish. "

- Aysen O.


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